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Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
1258 Cherry St. • Red Wing, MN 55066
History buffs, nature photographers and hikers alike will enjoy every facet of this 150+ year-old cemetery that winds up the side of a bluff on the southern edge of Red Wing. A gorgeous stone archway welcomes you welcomes you to the foot of the bluff, and the historic, red-roofed chapel gives you just a taste of the history and architecture you’ll see as you work your way upward. Definitely worth the short drive or long walk.


The Hidden Gem for October, 2010, is worth checking out any time of year, but a trip up that hill in October is especially gratifying, and not just because you’re in a graveyard around All Hallow’s Eve. The fall colors, the smell of dead leaves…the whole October package makes everything cool about Oakwood Cemetery a solid 50% cooler.

Oakwood is no ordinary cemetery. It’s one of the oldest official locations in Red Wing, and some of the headstones are pushing 200 years of age. And while our research isn’t EXACTLY scientific, we’re somewhat sure that most graveyards don’t feature a lookout point with a sweet view of the city, hundreds of feet below.

So be sure to take your camera. Whether it’s the view, the stained-glass in the chapel, a gnarled, moss-covered headstone the size of a Buick or just one of the majestic, wide-angle landscapes, you’ll see something you want to frame. Here. We can prove it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redwinghotels/

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